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What should everybody ought to know about Project Pride

OAKLAND, California - Project Pride is really a new term to me and the first thought comes into my mind was a program designed for LGBTQIA+ community. Really sounds funny right?

How about you? Do you have any idea about this one?

If you have already encounter this term, I guess you have been searching this one to sojourn yourself to a program like this.

If we have the same scenario upon meeting this term, I have here some information that I thoroughly search in order to comprehend by someone who needed to get to know more about this program.

While reading and scanning over the web I see much hope and reformation about this program and got much excited what lies behind it that I could also take part in disseminating information to what they have initiated or conceptualized to provide support to those who are in need.

We are here to provide information that might help you to take action if something bothers you to stand in your decisions. And here are some common questions that people usually searched for which you might also keep on looking for.


Project Pride is a rehabilitation center for women who have misplaced custody in their youngsters because of drug and alcohol abuse or mental health problems.

Through a strict time-table that calls for sobriety and regularly court-mandated participation in numerous programs, the women work closer to regaining custody in their youngsters.

Wherein variety of service also provided to children and mothers such as, training and support to improve socialization, communication, leadership, and life skills.

The children receive supervised, supportive child care, education, play / art / music therapy, and get ongoing developmental assessments.


This phase is to supplement the mandates mentioned in statute and offer first-rate requirements for the dissemination of Substance Used Disorders (SUD) offerings to pregnant ladies and ladies with brought up children.

This is the standard guidelines which can be used by any countries as a resource instrument to expand comprehensive individualized, gender-specific, and own circle of relatives targeted Substance Used Disorders remedy offerings.


When a SUD remedy program is not able to offer certified on-site toddler care services, the SUD remedy program must accomplice with local, certified toddler care centers or provide on-site, license toddler care thru a cooperative association among mother and father for the care in their children.

All of the subsequent situations should be met in the occasion of a cooperative arrangement:

  • Parents shall integrate their efforts in order that every parent rotates because the accountable care giver with recognize to all of the youngsters in the cooperative;

  • Any man or woman being concerned for the youngsters will be a parent, legal guardian, stepparent, grandparent, aunt, or grownup sibling of at the least one of the youngsters in the cooperative arrangement;

  • No economic compensation, which includes receipt of in-type income, can be furnished in change for the availability of care; and

  • No greater than 12 kids can get hold of care in the equal region on the equal time.

When possible, it's far endorsed that ladies supplying infant care in the cooperative association be directed under the supervision of a skilled group of workers with know-how in infant development.

This team of workers can educate the ladies the way to reply correctly to children’s wishes and assist the woman deal with infant unique issues.

In addition, it's far advocated that toddler care offerings encompass healing and developmentally suitable offerings. This consists of taking a toddler’s tradition and language into consideration to include culturally responsive practices and supply culturally suitable offerings.

Furthermore, if different medical remedy offerings for the kid are deemed medically necessary, offerings must be comprehensive, and at a minimum, encompass the following:

  • Intake;

  • Screening and evaluation of the whole variety of medical, developmental, emotional related-factors;

  • Care planning;

  • Residential care;

  • Case management;

  • Therapeutic child care;

  • Substance abuse orientation and prevention;

  • Enhancement program;

  • Mental health and trauma services.


Parenting capabilities is what we known as a relationship between a mother and a child which entails much effort for the good infant development and growth such as empathy, active listening and boundary setting. The moms can exercise those competencies by themselves or with their children.

Additionally, parenting competencies may be advanced thru schooling in infant development, skill-constructing training, counseling, modeling and problem-fixing in particular times of parent-toddler interactions.

Topics for parenting competencies and courting constructing can consist of, however aren't constrained to, the following:

  • Developmentally age-suitable applications for children;

  • Parenting schooling for moms;

  • Strategies to enhance nurturing for moms and children;

  • Appropriate figure toddler roles consisting of modeling opportunities;

  • Integration of culturally able parenting practices and expectations;

  • Nutrition;

  • Children’s substance abuse prevention curriculum;

  • Children’s intellectual fitness needs;

  • Integration of culturally able parenting practices and expectations;

  • Education for moms approximately toddler safety;

  • Children’s substance abuse prevention curriculum; and

  • Children’s intellectual fitness

Parents want time to exercise their new parenting capabilities and switch styles of conduct to enhance interactions with their children. Matching parenting, coaching, and/or different guide organizations to the women’s offerings can assist her capacity to address parenting capabilities.


This is the critical part of the residential treatment area for pregnant and parenting women because of the child they are carrying and taking any medications could cause much damage to the baby.

A latest file indicated that approximately 4% of girls had been looking for drug remedy after abusing dangerous materials even as pregnant.

According to the identical record women who drink alcohol throughout their being pregnant also are possibly to devour different drugs, together with heroin, cocaine, and marijuana.

Similar research suggest that once pregnant women have drug and alcohol issues and addiction, they generally tend to fail to expose their sickness or are seeking for remedy.

This is because of the truth that they worry the repercussions which can take vicinity and their unborn children.

However, when you have this type of problem, it important which you are seeking for assist from drug rehabilitation centers for pregnant women. This may want to keep both you and your unborn toddler each in the quick and in the lengthy run.

Thus, remedy offerings consist usually of outpatient and home offerings, aimed toward stabilizing and rehabilitating people with Substance Use Disorders.

Pregnant and parenting girls with SUDs can be mentioned any of the subsequent offerings, as necessary:


Outpatient remedy offerings are offerings furnished wherein the consumer does now no longer live in a remedy facility, however rather keeps to stay at domestic or in a non-medical setting.

The following are examples of varieties of outpatient remedy applications:

  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOT). IOT offerings, previously day care facilitative offerings, are furnished to customers at the least 3 hours per day, 3 days per week. These applications are frequently scheduled round work or school to deal with every day schedules.

  • Outpatient Drug Free (ODF) Treatment. ODF remedy may be both organization or individual. ODF remedy offerings are furnished without or with remedy and can additionally encompass counseling and supportive offerings.

  • Narcotic Treatment Program (NTP)

In an outpatient NTP, remedy offerings are furnished to detoxified opioid addicts. Clients are administered prescribed medications such as narcotic alternative drugs on a habitual foundation to relieve the signs and symptoms of withdrawal from opioids.

Programs offer an ambulatory care putting for a secure withdrawal.


Residential offerings are offerings furnished wherein the customer is living in a remedy facility. Adults (18 and over) whose substance use issues are excessive in nature and need to be cared for in specialized remedy centers get hold of complete inpatient offerings.

If appropriate, offerings will consist of children of substance-using women, whilst the mom is looking for remedy. In addition, if the residential remedy facility determines that some infant desires offerings, the facility is to offer short-time period residential care together with complete remedy and offerings.

The following are not unusual place residential remedy provider types:

  • Short Term Residential Treatment (ninety days or much less). Short time period residential care offerings are designed for collaborating durations of ninety days or much less in non-acute care.

  • Long Term Residential Treatment (over ninety days). Long time period residential care offerings are designed for collaborating durations exceeding ninety days in non-acute care.

Among ladies with Substance Use Disorder, pregnant ladies require greater pressing remedy offerings and critical, high-threat prenatal care because of the dangerous outcomes of drug use at the fetus. Substance Use Disorder applications serving pregnant and parenting girls shall offer desire to pregnant women.

Specifically, SUD remedy applications should offer precedence admission to remedy in the following order:

  • Childbearing injection drug users;

  • Substance user’s pregnant woman;

  • Drug dose users; and

  • Others that will affect the unborn baby.

As Substance Use Disorder remedy fashions flow in the direction of own circle of relatives-focused care, programs ought to deal with the own circle of relatives as a unit and admit each women and their kids into remedy offerings, while appropriate. Family-targeted offerings contain a female’s own circle of relatives in her remedy and recuperation process.

To the female this is in remedy, own circle of relatives’ participants is described via way of means of who she perceives as her own circle of relatives and can encompass spouse and children and adults outside of the conventional own circle of relatives structure .


To lessen your time scrolling over the net searching this program, here are some listings available within Oakland, California which also includes services and other activities to successfully implement their program.

Sri Sathya Sai International Organization - USA designed a program for the women, imparting them Saturday morning lessons centered on existence talents and activity seek talents.

The ten-week curriculum protected subjects starting from self-belief and resume writing to activity seek and activity interview talents.

The following comprises their 10-week curriculum program:

  1. Self – confidence

  2. Resume Overview

  3. My own resume

  4. My own resume

  5. Applying for jobs

  6. Interviewing skills

  7. Mock interviews

  8. Managing Time

  9. Managing budget

  10. Graduation

The program additionally reviewed existence talents including coping with one’s time and private finances.

Each class started out with a slide presentation through one of the organizer, with inquiries to interact the contributors in discussion.

This became observed through a break-out consultation with one-on-one interplay among the organizer and the ladies, in the course of which the ladies labored on their homework with help and encouragement from the organizers.

To plan for the program, they usually meet every week on a convention call to put together a strong lesson plan with slides, motion pictures and activities.

Though some of the instructions had been not constantly smooth-sailing, and always had been regularly challenged. Some of the girls entered to the program and left the program, at the same time as others made it there that they'd no hobby in participating.

Moreover, there had been additionally moments of gratification, consisting of seeing the self-belief and satisfaction in the girls at some point of the resume writing class while helping them turn out to be aware about their strengths via that specialize in their preceding work and lifestyles experiences.

For the East Bay Community Recovery Project (EBCRP) they also provides complete remedy to moms and their kids in a safe, respectful, residential surroundings this is touchy to the cultural and ethnic range in their customers and staff.

Some of their services includes;


Consist of character and institution counseling, education to enhance socialization and communique competencies, management competencies, and vocational competencies.

Specialized organizations include substance abuse training and relapse prevention, anger control, education determination, lifestyles competencies education, own circle of relatives’ therapy, HIV/AIDS training, smoking cessation and narcotics anonymous.

Services may additionally consist of remedy for publish annoying pressure problems which can end result from abuse and violence. After care persevered case control furnished in line with every mother's and kid's needs.

Residents who accomplish the program may be requested to go back and share their experiences to the new residents during the period of their stay


Consist of expert infant care, education, every day exercise, stimulation, and age suitable activities. Children additionally take part in mother/baby interactive outings, play therapy, music/artwork therapy, and drama therapy.

Child enrichment counselors carry out ongoing developmental checks and whole referrals for clinical tracking as needed.

Target Group Individuals with co-occurring disorders, especially intellectual contamination and substance abuse, HIV and people worried in the crook justice system.

The residential software serves pregnant and submit partum ladies and their children Application Process Call for consumption records and appointment Fees Women are required to are looking for public benefits, of which 80% can pay costs.

Many in their customers obtain care absolutely freed from fee due to offers they may be capable of stable from Federal, State and County agencies.

They are Medi-Cal and Medi-Care licensed and may invoice out for offerings that manner too.

Satellite Affordable Housing Associates partnered with East Bay Community Recovery Project (EBCRP) to rehabilitate a vacant resort in West Oakland to offer a sustainable everlasting domestic for Project Pride restoration application and substantially decorate a blighted nook in the neighborhood.

The mission imparting housing for ladies in restoration from substance abuse, lots of whom additionally have co-happening intellectual fitness disabilities and different unique needs.

The program allows ladies to reunite and take care of their youngsters at the same time as in restoration.

The constructing consists of a totally geared up business kitchen and eating room this is designed to foster own circle of relative’s interplay in the course of meals, 3 bendy use network rooms, on-site laundry, on-site cooperative childcare area for residents, leisure open area, computers, and supportive carrier offices.


Are you also searching for a free or affordable residential housing program?

Well then, I was also able to find some of the listings that will lighten up your loads of thinking about spending much money to avail one.

Worry no more, because the government loves its constituents that it couldn’t take its community upon seeing you suffering.

Just click the hyperlink word of State of California below for further perusal and information for you to access their websites, contact details, location, and also read the reviews.

The State of California has many nation funded remedy alternatives which are funded to offer dependancy remedy for his or her residents. There also are medicaid widespread companies of substance abuse remedy.

We have researched those at the side of Non Profit and County Rehab packages to offer a complete listing of offer at little to no price for residents.

Many of those remedy plans may be loose to the consumer primarily based totally in your economic history.

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